Tessa Thompson is dying to know what Courteney Cox thought of her take on Monica Geller in “Moonlight”

She’s having her day, her week, her month, and even her year. But even still, Tessa Thompson needs a little bit more. Thompson really wants to know what Courteney Cox thought of her Monica Geller impression.

ICYMI, Jay-Z recently remade Friends for his “Moonlight” music video. We loved that video because we didn’t think there was a new way to watch Friends at this point. From fan theories about Ross Geller to fan theories about Starbucks, we’ve analyzed the showin 100 different ways.

But leave it to Jay-Z to open our minds.

An all-Black Friends actually serves as commentary for a really important Jay song, and happens to be fun to watch.

We loved Thompson as Monica.

When Entertainment Tonight inquired if she had heard from any of the original Friends cast members about their remake, Thompson responded adorably.

"I didn't! I'm holding out for Courteney Cox to call me one Tuesday and be like, 'Hey!'"

Thompson also mentioned that a lot of her friends have called to tell her that the “Moonlight” video inspired them to binge-watch the original show again. She even mentioned that a few of her fellow Friends costars haven’t stopped watching it since they brushed up for research.

"You kind of can't stop. It's such an irresistible show."

Shout to Thompson for perfectly pulling off Monica’s “breezy”-ness.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the full video:


The ET reporter mentioned that he’d like to see more of their version of Friends, and Thompson emphatically agreed. While Thompson waits to hear from Cox — or any member of the Friends cast — we will wait for this remake to get the green light for real. (Hey, we can dream!)

Thompson is currently one of the stars of HBO’s Westworld, but we are sure she can find some time to buddy up with her Friends again soon. In the meantime, we’re hoping Cox gives her a call! Can we get a double-Monica spinoff or what?

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