Tess Holliday just got way candid about the battle with her post-baby body

For as long as we’ve known her, Tess Holliday has been a champion for the body positive movement. By loving and celebrating her own body, she encourages all of us to do the same, no matter what size our clothes are. But even the most resilient, confident people struggle with accepting their bodies sometimes.

Tess and her fiancé Nick Holliday welcomed their son Bowie Juniper into the world on June 6th, and she just recently admitted that still trying to get comfortable with her post-baby body (which is totally natural — look at how her body changed in nine months! That’s incredible!). She candidly wrote in a recent Instagram post, “Each day feels like a battle to learn how to love my body postpartum.”

It’s been six months since Tess gave birth and she’s noticed that her tummy sits a little lower, there are more stretch marks on her body, and her breasts are a different shape. She considered not posting anything about this at all, but decided to speak honestly anyway, because she wants to cut through the noise we hear about moms “losing the baby weight.” Nobody should feel pressured to do that, she believes.

"I feel like a stranger in my body more than ever," Tess writes.

“I think it’s important to be honest about what it’s like to be a woman in the media,” Tess says. “I was fat before, I carried a healthy baby, & guess what, still fat… & THATS OKAY.” She doesn’t have any plans to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution. Instead, she’s going to teach herself to love her new body and take care of herself, because she’s got a beautiful baby boy to look after

Tess says her fiancé Nick is supportive as a girl could hope for. He tells her she’s beautiful every day and encourages her. But she reminds us that, at the end of the day, we’re really the ones we have to rely on for some self-love.

"We have to be our own cheerleaders," Tess insists.

And that’s precisely what her plan is — to treat herself like a queen.  

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