Tess Holliday explains why she started her own plus-size line

It’s no secret that we love the bejeezus out of Tess Holliday. Holliday made history this year when she became the first model of her height and  size (5’5 and size 22) to book a contract with a major modeling agency. She lit up body positive social media when she created the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards, she was a PEOPLE cover girl, she has the best response to the “How to get a bikini body” (Spoiler: Get a bikini, put it on your body), basically she’s our queen, long may she reign.

We flipped our ish this fall when Holliday announced that she would be debuting her own plus-size clothing line (Holliday herself is a defender of the term “plus-size,” a polarized phrase in the size-inclusive community). Recently, talking to Yahoo Style, Holliday explains why she started her line in the first place:

  Holliday also talks in the interview about how important it is to educate people about size inclusivity, pointing in particular to the “concern trolls” who use the pretense of being worried about a woman’s health to harshly judge her body.

Holliday is not afraid to call out other retailers like Victoria’s Secret for the harm they do by being size exclusive.

So, obviously, Holliday is our superhero, but who’s Holliday’s role model. Her answer is basically perfect:

Miss Piggy was the first fat woman/pig on television that was sexy. She wore fabulous clothing and always looked amazing!”

(Images via Instagram)

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