Tess Holliday is redefining “supermodel” with her gorg new ‘People’ cover

She wowed us with her #effyourbeautystandards movement, she landed a major modeling contract with MiLK Modeling Management — proving that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — and now she’s on the cover of People Magazine reinventing the word “supermodel.”

At 5’5″ and size 22, Tess Holliday has won our hearts with her beauty, body positivity mission, and can-do attitude, and we’ve absolutely loved watching her take over the fashion world. Her mission and campaign? To tell the world we are all beautiful no matter our size. And anyone who doesn’t think you’re beautiful? Well, they can talk to the hand. Holliday is now at the forefront of this major fashion industry shift into body acceptance and we absolutely love her for it.

Her People Magazine cover is just the latest in this fashion-world domination. Her cover is awesome for SO many reasons — namely the celebratory nature of it. When we typically see women who are size 22s on magazine covers, the accompanying article is about how that woman “lost half her body weight! And you can too!” Featuring an amazing and gorgeous woman like Holliday, and celebrating her natural body type(!), is a massive triumph.

For Holliday’s part, she cried when she found out she landed the cover. As she tells Peopleshe first saw the mag being sold in an airport when a woman was setting them up in the shop., “I asked her to dig it out for me and then I cried,” she said. “I wanted it to happen for a long time. This was definitely a wildest dreams moment for me.”

Check out the absolutely awesome cover:

Holliday, who used to be severely bullied because of her weight, is thrilled and eager for others to follow their dreams the way she did. She tells People, “I think for me it’s all about accepting yourself the way you are now and loving the way you are today,” Holliday said. “I had a lot of people around me that were supportive [of me] . . . but I just knew life could be better if I put myself out there.”

Holliday is thrilled with the way things are going, and she’s become so in demand that her phone has been ringing off the hook, “it’s good,” she told People, “but it’s a lot!” A lot of awesomeness.

Girl, we got your back. So do the nearly 90,000 people who liked her cover announcement on Facebook on Wednesday. And yes, we were definitely one of them.

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