Tess Holliday’s nude pregnancy Instagram is empowering in all the ways

Tess Holliday, body positive activist, social media queen, and plus-size model, is not putting up with body shamers set on criticizing her pregnancy as unhealthy.

Holliday is expecting her second child next month, and since announcing her pregnancy, she’s been the target of online bullies either claiming to be concerned about her weight as it impacts her pregnancy or saying outright hateful things about her size. And she’s had enough. In a new Insta post, Holliday boldly shares her not only her pregnant figure, but also her reaction to people who consider it “crazy” she’s a professional model at her size (26).

The photo shows Holliday from behind, completely nude, as she looks over her shoulder with a serene stare. The caption reads, “‘What I want to say to you is that when people told me I couldn’t model, I would always think, I’ve literally had some of the shittiest things happen to me and survived them, so me being a model is not the most ridiculous thing that I have had happen to me. I’ve never taken no for an answer.’ Another photo from my @telegraph shoot shot by @alexcayleystudio in NYC when I was 7 mos pregnant last month ???? hair by @elsahair mua @quinnmurphy1 #effyourbeautystandards

It sounds like the quote might be from the article that accompanies the picture for The Telegraph. We hope so, because it is empowering on every possible level. Holliday has been very open about her challenging childhood and spoke with People about it last year (in an issue where she SLAYED on the cover). She’s overcome bullying, domestic violence and many other personal struggles, so honestly, is the way she looks the most important thing about her? We’ll go ahead and answer that question for you. No, it’s not.

But the beautiful photo itself perhaps says more than a caption ever could: Tess Holliday embraces her body. She’s rocking her pregnancy. And she doesn’t give a damn whether you’re comfortable with it or not, as evidenced by the inclusion of her signature hashtag #effyourbeautystandards.

We applaud Holliday for taking a stand and using her platform to empower women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. To hear more inspiring wisdom from this amazing lady, check out her interview with The Telegraph, which you can read in its entirety here.