Tess Holliday just shared an intimate breastfeeding photo, and we love her for it

Tess Holliday is one of our heroes when it comes to body positivity. She is incredibly outspoken (in the best way!) about how all people deserve to feel good in their bodies, and we absolutely LOVE that. During her recent pregnancy, she ramped up the body positive talk and was super open about her changing body — she also took down body-shamers who dared to tell her they couldn’t tell she was pregnant, or said other negative things about her body.

Now that she’s had her adorable baby son, Juniper Bowie Holliday, she’s been sharing several photos of him on Instagram to give a glimpse into her life as a new mother. Part of that new life? Breastfeeding.

This photo is a beautiful peek into the relationship between child and mother, and breastfeeding is often a huge part of that relationship. The photo was originally posted by her husband, Nick Holliday, and the caption for the photo says:

Breastfeeding is often a controversial topic when women choose to post about it on social media or do it in public, which is why hashtags like #normalizebreastfeeding exist. We’re thrilled that Tess, Nick, and Bowie are enjoying their time at home together, and that Tess is showing the world this beautiful side of motherhood.

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