Model Tess Holliday was fat-shamed by her Uber driver, and she documented the whole thing

No one should ever have to tolerate unkindness from others, so we’re SO glad that model Tess Holliday called out her fat-shaming Uber driver. She was just minding her own business (as one usually does in an Uber), when —  in a wildly inappropriate move — the driver started asking her personal questions about her health — implying she is unhealthy because of her weight.

Thankfully, Holliday had the best response (we’re taking notes). Also, she caught some of the interaction on camera and posted it on Instagram along with a message explaining why this is unacceptable.

In the video we can clearly hear the driver asking about her cholesterol, to which Holliday replies: “My cholesterol is fine. I’m perfect.” She then added, “Yep. I’m healthy” to really emphasize her point.

via giphyShe also made sure to note that she was not calling her driver “fat” as an insult, but just making the point that as a woman, she deals with this kind of behavior from so many kinds of people on a literal daily basis — even those who you might assume would be more sensitive to her feelings on this issue.

It’s important that instances like these do not get shoved under the rug, because they are hurtful and a complete invasion of privacy.

Being judged unfairly for our appearance is petty schoolyard behavior. Holliday’s response and whole approach was very mature and shows that she respects herself — and is a perfect reminder that we all should!

This is a great reminder to never be afraid to stand up for yourself or call our this kind of behavior when we see it. No one deserves to be disrespected, and we all definitely have the capacity to rise above.