Tess Holliday shows off an adorable new baby pic on Instagram — baby feet, to be exact!

Is there anything better than new baby photos? We say there isn’t. And the only thing better than new little chubby baby cheeks to squeal over are tiny, adorable baby feet . . . like the ones that plus-size model Tess Holliday just shared on her Instagram of her newborn son, Bowie.

Tess, who has documented her pregnancy on social media, posted a black-and-white photo of her son’s perfect 10 toes with the caption, “Looking at Bowies tiny feet & thinking about all the amazing places they will take him. He makes my heart swell.”

Ours, too Tess! Just look at how small he is!

Tess welcomed Bowie Juniper Holliday, 8 lb.s 10 oz., on June 6 — which makes him just a little over a week old. (Bowie has a 10-year-old brother, Rylee, as well!) She and her partner Nick Holliday shared their first baby pics with People, including this loving photo of the new mama dressing her newborn to go home:

Nick Holliday shared his own heart-meltingly cute new baby pic on his own Instagram as a proud new papa:

It’s official. This family is absolutely adorable.

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