Terry Crews gave a woman permission to use his face on her Wells Fargo debit card, and now we want one too

Turns out, TV cannot only provide endless hours of uninterrupted entertainment (see: Netflix binges), but it can actually help our budgeting skills. That is, if the TV show is Everybody Hates Chris. The sitcom featured Terry Crews as Julius, an overly-frugal father. And now, his performance on the show is inspiring others to think twice before spending their money. So much so that a woman requested to have Crews’ face put on her debit card — and Crews approved!

This isn’t the first time that a person has ingeniously used Crews’ face to remind them to stop spending. Last year, a 19-year-old named Daniel put a photo of Crews (as Julius) in his wallet to help save money. A woman named Darrel Kennedy decided to take things to the next level by putting the actor’s face on her Wells Fargo debit card. But it involved getting Crews himself involved in the process. Good thing Crews has a good sense of humor.

It all started when Kennedy tweeted about her plans for the new card. She posted a picture of the card, complete with Crews’ scowling face on it. His look says everything you need to hear when you’re about to drop some money that you should probably save. Just look at his eyes teeming with money-spending judgment!

Here’s the preview of the debit card.

It probably would be great for resisting the urge to spend. But if only getting a Terry Crews debit card was so simple.

The tweet got over 13,000 retweets and thousands of likes. But then a few days later, bad news came when Kennedy’s bank, Wells Fargo, rejected the request.

Since Kennedy’s initial tweet about the Crews-adorned debit card got so much attention from the start, people started tweeting at Wells Fargo to get them to change their minds.

Kennedy then found out that she didn’t need people to tweet at Wells Fargo, but rather at Crews himself so she could get written approval from the actor.

That same day, Crews, who currently stars on Brooklyn 99, took to Twitter to give his ~official~ approval.

And it’s safe to say that the whole entire world now fully approves of Crews.

As if that’s not enough, Crews then re-tweeted Kennedy’s tweets about her journey to get the actor’s face on her debit card with encouraging emojis.

He used thumbs-up, clapping hands, flexing-arm, and fire emoji. Gosh, he’s just the best.

Then, Kennedy posted to Twitter that Wells Fargo not only approved the personalized Crews card but they also expedited its shipping so Kennedy could get it ASAP. Obviously, everyone is waiting restlessly to see the actual debit card, so the quick shipping is greatly appreciated by all of us watching this saga on Twitter.

Kennedy hasn’t posted the picture of herself with the card — which could be for security purposes and is probably a wise choice — but TBH, we would love to see the final product with everyone’s favorite frugal inspiration on it.

That’s money-saving goals right there. We would definitely appreciate it if every bank started offering these Terry Crews debit cards so we’d never over-spend again. Thanks for the inspiration, Darrel Kennedy!

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