Terrible cook? Here are 6 non-food things to bring to your next potluck

Something happens when you become a grownup and you’ve invited to a dinner party: you’re expected to prepare a dish that is nutritious, tasty, and most importantly, something that won’t poison the other guests. It’s not like back in the day when you could show up with a bag of Doritos and be a hero. Adulting includes extra pressure for those of us who never quite mastered the art of cooking. But no matter! There are many non-edible ways to contribute to a grownup shindig.


Cards, Against Humanity, Amazon, $10
Bring a board game for some guaranteed fun, and bonus points if you leave it for the host as a gift.


Spritz Gold Foil Paper Cups, Target, $4
Remember when Monica put Phoebe in charge of cups?  That can be you! Go glam with these pretty gold foil disposables. 


58 piece Ohily Photo Booth Props, Amazon, $10.55
Make this party the envy of every Instagrammer with this fun photo booth prop set.


Spritz Pink Ribbon Garland, Target, $4
Offering to bring and hang a few decorations will remove some prep for the host. Plus they’re about as edible as anything you would prepare, anyway. 


Kate Spade New York Chip & Dip, Bloomingdales, $125
If you absolutely must bring food, throw some store bought tortillas and guac in a cute chip & dip and you might be able to pass it off as homemade. 


Threshold Wine Tote, Target, $4.99
Again, if something consumable is absolutely required, offer to bring a few bottles of inexpensive table wine. Throw them in a cute tote as a host gift, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite party guest. 

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