The terrarium eyes beauty trend puts a flower garden on your face

Pay attention flower and makeup lovers because this trend is for you. A new beauty trend called terrarium eyes is gaining popularity, and it’s basically a flower garden on your face. It’s gorgeous.

There are a lot of beauty trends that we can thank social media for. Seriously – a LOT. But this trend is like a floral explosion, and it’s perfect for spring and summer.

The terrarium trend is currently all over Instagram thanks to a 19-year-old makeup artist.

Costello has dubbed this trend “terrarium eyes” because it is like looking at a garden coming to life on your face.

Oh, and there are actual flowers involved.

Yes, we’re serious. These looks can be achieved by using makeup — of all colors — and real flowers, leaves, and plants to decorate your eyelids.

The young makeup artist isn’t afraid to take risks with her makeup looks, and we’re so inspired.

Beginning about two months ago, Costello’s terrarium eye looks have become all we can talk about.

According to Costello, Gipsofila is her favorite flower and we can see why.

“?GIPSOFILA? – my ultimate favourite flower of all time, so delicate and pretty,” she captioned one picture.

Some of her looks are inspired by flowers she sees in her family’s garden, and they are wonderful.

"🌻🌼 I was inspired by the flowers growing in my garden (I apologise to my mum for the now missing flowers)," she captioned another photo.

Now if only we could actually achieve these looks.

Maybe we’ll give ourselves a green manicure so we have a literal green thumb while applying this dramatic look!