Terminally Ill Woman Pays Off Strangers’ Back-to-School Bills

In Maine, one dying woman recognized that the best gift she could give a community would be something that would keep on giving for years to come. According to a cashier at an Auburn-area Kmart, a woman they’re calling the “layaway angel” came into the store and asked to do a few good deeds before she died. She was only there for about 15 minutes, but in that 15 minutes, the anonymous, terminally ill woman was able to help 16 families for a lifetime — by paying off their overdue layaway school supply bills.

As anyone who’s ever gone back-to-school shopping knows, school supplies do not come cheap — especially when your kids are constantly trying compete for the coolest Trapper Keeper in class. (Are Trapper Keepers still around? I hope, for the youth of America’s sake, that they are. If not, let’s just say binders.) In helping those 16 lucky families in Auburn, Maine, the “layaway angel” spent nearly $3,000 and left just as quickly as she’d came.

Have you done something kind for a stranger today?

Featured image via Shutterstock

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