Teresa Halbach’s friend has very strong feelings about Season 2 of “Making a Murderer”

It’s only been one day since Netflix announced the return of Making a Murderer, and fans of the show could not be more excited.

Season two will pick up exactly where it left off with the Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey cases — and one person in particular isn’t thrilled about it.

And we totally understand why.

A close friend of Teresa Halbach’s – the 25-year-old photographer whose 2005 murder is the basis for the series — has chosen not to watch.

Halbach’s college friend (who requested to remain anonymous) told PEOPLE that she refuses to watch the show.

Why? Because she chooses to remember her friend without the influence of a TV show.


“I’d like to remember Teresa the way I remember her, and I don’t know what’s in the documentary,” she said.

She said her friends who have seen the documentary warned her that “it would just be too hard.”

Even though she’s still mourning the loss of her friend, she refuses to point fingers at anyone.

“It’s not my place to judge,” she said.  false

But she welcomes the open discussion that has been happening about criminal justice reform in the U.S. since the first season of Making a Murderer aired.

“It’s okay to start a good conversation,” she says. “If there was injustice, then hopefully that will be straightened out.”

Halbach’s family declined to participate in the first season, but her friend hopes the family will make an appearance in the second season so they have an opportunity to express their feelings about what happened.

“Maybe the second season, I’ll be hopeful that there’ll be more perspective from her family,” she said.

Although the series continues to bring up painful memories of Halbach’s death, her friend admits that it has been beneficial for healing.

“It was just a nice chance to remember her and not the negativity,” she said. “It was great to see that she could still bring people together. Her happiness was still bringing people together.”

We can’t imagine what they’re feeling, especially now that the case is so incredibly public. We hope the second season will continue to bring healing (and hopefully answers) to the friends of families of everyone involved.

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