Tennis racket hitting JELL-O in slow motion is weirdly satisfying

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, better known as The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube, have destroyed plenty of everyday objects to see how it looks when filmed in slow motion: They’ve blown up watermelons, popped giant water balloons, and set stuff on fire, just for the heck of it. It’s absolutely amazing what the eye can miss when things like watermelon guts move super fast.

I can only speak for myself, but I think they might have made their most amazing discovery yet. This week, the two Brits made a video based on a suggestion from the Reddit board called “Oddly Satisifying.” A user shared a photo from a JELL-O ad that showed a tennis racket cutting up the bright-colored, wibbly-wobbling snack into perfect, tennis racket shaped squares. Seeing such precise little cubes is very satisfying to the eye, but is it realistic?

The Slow Mo Guys shot themselves hitting five different globs of JELL-O (except they call it “jelly” because they are from England and only have adorable names for foods) with a tennis racket. At first sight, it didn’t seem like the footage could look anything like the ad from Reddit. However, when they set the images to snail speed, the outcome was … yes, completely satisfying.

Um, wow.

“They look like individual snakes,” one of the Slow Mo Guys commented. “That’s like a quick way to make a bunch of gummy worms.”

Why do I feel like I could watch this over and over again until I fall asleep … and then dream about it?

Those colors! The way they explode, almost like The Big Bang or something. Ugh, so incredibly satisfying. Check out the full video here and prepare to feel like the entire order of the universe suddenly makes sense.

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