This tennis player almost got fouled for a dress code violation that you almost can’t even see

Earlier this week, Canadian tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard and Chinese pro Duan Yingying went head-to-head for the Wimbledon championship title. Things didn’t exactly go well for Bouchard — she played well, but ended up losing to Yingying. But the real kicker was a dress code violation that nearly landed Bouchard in serious hot water with the Wimbledon authorities.

Check out this photo. Can you see what got her in trouble?

According to Wimbledon rules, all clothing that will or could show during play has to be white. All of it. And the offending garment on Bouchard? That thin sliver of black bra strap showing on her shoulder.

This isn’t the first time a player has had a little color showing — the Williams sisters have gotten by with a few pops of flair, like bedazzled nails. But Bouchard’s bra strap caused a stir, despite it being entirely unintentional, and could have landed her with an official sanction and a fine.

In the end, the umpire Louise Engzell decided not to hold the bra strap against Bouchard, who said, “No one told me anything about my bra,” after the match.

Although the dress code is designed to minimize distractions, it seems insane that Bouchard could have been in serious trouble for her bra strap slipping from under her outfit. We’re glad it worked out in the end without a sanction or fine.

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