These superhero teens built a wheelchair for an amputee cat using a 3D printer, hooray for technology and kindness!

Weeks ago, tiny Cassidy was a starving, feral kitten living in the woods near Langley, British Columbia. She’d suffered a terrible injury that led to the amputation of both her back legs. But now, little Cassidy is a happy, healthy kitten (who also happens to be an Internet sensation) scooting around on her own custom-built wheelchair. And her transformation is due in large part to the creativity of two amazing teenagers!

When cat rescue group TinyKittens Society found Cassidy and took her in, they gave her the special hashtag #MiracleKitten and began documenting her progress on social media.

They even issued a public plea for help designing a mobility device for the differently-abled kitty.

Soon, a school secretary at Walnut Grove Secondary School read about Cassidy on the TinyKittens Facebook page and shared her story with a teacher. It didn’t take long for two industrious 12th graders to come up with a plan to help the little kitten get around.

Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, who must be either superheroes or geniuses (maybe even both), used modeling software and Walnut Grove’s 3-D printer to create a custom-built kitty wheelchair. All total, it took about 6 hours to make from design to prototype, which seems crazy fast. (Like we said, geniuses!)

As you can see from the video below showing Cassidy taking her very first steps in her wheelchair, the end result was a major hit!

We think this is just beyond incredible. Way to go, Josh and Isaiah! And adorable, furry props to Cassidy for being such an awesome kitten.

Keep up with this little #MiracleKitten on the live webcam on the TinyKittens website!

[Images via @tinykittenshq on Twitter and YouTube.]

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