Teens react to Windows 95 and prove we’re all officially old

We didn’t realize that the days of Windows and PCs were so far behind us until now. The Fine Brothers, AKA the YouTube kings of reaction videos, just released a new video of teens reacting to something they’ve probably never seen before: Windows 95. It’s breaking our nostalgic hearts.

For many of us, the first time we used computers, let alone the Internet, was with one of those bad boys. The clunky keys and eccentric beeps were part of its charm, but now, we laugh about it.

“I see a lot of things on the Internet that are like, ‘Ha-ha, Windows 95 sucks,’” one teen replied when asked if she had ever heard of the operating system.

“Everything looks so dull and ancient!” another commented once it had finally booted up.

The most shocking news? No WiFi. That hadn’t exactly been invented yet, so Windows 95 users had to connect a phone line to their modem to get on the Internet, or use AOL. (These words are pretty much a foreign language to those of us who grew up with WiFi.)

“It’s scary to think that WiFi is so vital to us now,” a teen commented. “If you go somewhere and don’t have WiFi, that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you.”

“I would just not use a computer,” another concluded, after hearing all the steps that went into navigating one before Windows 95 was introduced.

At the time, Windows 95 was pretty revolutionary, and for the most part, everything we know about computers is today is still based off of this model. It’s weird how it feels like its from another era.

That’s certainly a reality check, but we can handle it. When teens start reacting to Macbook Pros? That’s when we’ll be worried.

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