Teens react to old cigarette commercials in a hilariously perfect way

Old cigarette commercials are a trip. Beautiful men and women, dressed in fancy clothes, puff away, totally unaware that smoking is the equivalent of slowly poisoning yourself. Marlboro ads used to show cowboys lighting up out on the new frontier, implying that cigarettes were all American, and Lucille Ball — yes, from I Love Lucy! — was a spokeswoman for Phillip Morris cigarettes back in the day. Print marketing campaigns continued glamorizing cigarettes, even after the Health Cigarette Smoking Act banned advertisements about smoking on T.V. and radio in 1970. It’s crazy to see!

And it’s even crazier to see modern-day teens react to these old cigarette commercials. The Fine Bros gathered twelve teenagers, ages 14-19, asked them to watch black and white cigarette commercials, and then discuss smoking in the past, present, and future. The volunteers reacted in the best way.

Tori, 17, couldn’t get through the first few seconds of the ad without blurting, “No, cigarettes are gross!” Tell it like it is, Tori.

Rae, 15, was totally mind-boggled that people used to be able to order cigarette in a restaurant (which does sound pretty nasty).

When one of the old commercials showed The Flinstones smoking (um, what?) Michael and Miracle, 16, were flabbergasted. “Kids watch this show,” Michael says. “I take their vitamins!”

The teens then shared their thoughts on whether or not their grandkids might watch e-cigarette and vape commercials in the future and react the same way. We love The Fine Bros for giving teens a platform for discussing important health issues like this, and we love these teens for being so aware and smart about potentially dangerous trends!

Watch the full video here.

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