Teens are photoshopping celebrities over pics of their exes, and it’s seriously hilarious

There are so many stages of a breakup. One of the most difficult is finally getting rid of all of your ex’s stuff. People have different philosophies about this: Some people like to keep the mementos somewhere safe so they can look back at them one day with fondness; Others toss it all into a pile and light that sh*t on fire. There are perks and downsides to every moving-on strategy, but today, we’re completely all about these teens Photoshopping celebrities over pics of their exes.

It’s a great idea, TBH. Face it: Your celeb fave is probably way hotter than your ex was, and you should never waste a selfie or picture that you look good in just because you happen to be standing next to someone who is extremely irrelevant now.

This all started when Gabi Dunn broke up with her boyfriend a few days after prom. She didn’t want to waste the pics of herself in her great dress, so she Photoshopped a picture of Ryan Reynolds over his face. Then she tweeted it out and tagged the Deadpool star. We don’t think Blake Lively would mind — and actually, neither did Reynolds, who is always a good sport. He tweeted back at her that he was ready to be Photoshopped into the yearbook, too. What a guy, right? false

Reynolds had the best response to her Photoshopping skills.

Hysterically, Gabi’s ex-boyfriend, Jeff Bright, got wind of the exchange on Twitter. He told BuzzFeed News, “I think it’s cool,” he said. “I really enjoy [Reynolds’] movies and I think it’s nice that she used another Canadian.” He added that the breakup “didn’t feel great,” but that he’s already moving on. “But I’m over it; we are still friends,” he said. We guess when your ex starts talking to Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, you sort of have no choice but to suck it up and laugh. Other teens quickly started doing the same thing with their prom photos.


false false This is a hilarious way to get over a little heartbreak. BRB while we go collect all our old photos and spice them up with a little Hollywood.

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