We love this teen’s amazing Instagram account

Meet our new favorite Instagram photographer: Caleb Zahm (@calebzahm because trust us: You’re going to want to follow him), a 19-year-old from Indiana. He’s taking amazing pictures across America and they’re all kinds of awesome.

So far Caleb’s travels have taken him to big cities like Denver and Chicago, and states with gorgeous nature sights like Utah and Arizona. Each shot is incredibly varied — from landscapes to beautiful portraits to candid photos of his friends — and edited depending on his mood. It’s impossible to get bored scrolling through his feed. His landscapes are gorgeous (he captures the night sky brilliantly), and you can tell in his shots with people that Caleb really gets to know the people he photographs.

“I try to travel as much as possible,” Caleb told said in the Instagram blog featuring his work, “I love to talk to anyone that will talk to me — to learn about their culture or their life.” Most recently, those individuals have included a cute “homie” boy from the canyons, a fake security guard, and his girlfriend.

(Speaking of love and feels, if you’re already in love with his work, prepare to fall in love with Caleb himself. Caleb told Instagram that “everything inspires me, from my girlfriend — who is my biggest critic and fan at the same time — to the random people I have met in my travels. My story has just begun.” Now, that’s seriously adorable.)

Caleb’s passion for photography dates back to when he was 14, and saved up cash from his umpiring job for a used camera. He says he hasn’t gone a day without shooting since.

Literally, my only complaint about Caleb’s photos is that they don’t feature enough adorable animals, but we already have our fair share of Instagrammers to follow for pet pictures.

Here are some of our fave pics from Caleb’s account:

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