More than half of teenagers are relying on this risky form of birth control, and it’s concerning

Reports show that more and more teens are using contraceptives during sex than ever. That’s great news, but statistics say more than half of teens report using the pull-out method as their primary form of birth control – which experts say is risky and dangerous. 

The pull out method, in which the penis is withdrawn prior to ejaculation in the hope that sperm will not enter the vagina, is the second most popular birth control method among teens, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control.

The report claims that 60 percent of “sexually experienced” teen females who use birth control during sex reported using the pull-out method, compared to the 97 percent who reported using condoms and the 56 percent who reported using birth control pills.

Yes, that means that more than half of sexually active teens are relying on the pull-out method to prevent pregnancy.

This is less than stellar, because experts say this method is easy to get wrong and, unlike condoms, offers no protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The Paolo Alto Medical Foundation reports that the pull-out method can result in pregnancy 25 percent of the time – not good odds, especially when compared to the 98 percent effectiveness of condoms.

This also points to the lack of sexual health education available to young people. When it comes to your sexual health and safety, don’t risk it: Use condoms for STI protection and effective pregnancy prevention.

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