This teenager tried to recreate a meme and seriously hurt her rib in the process, so let’s chill on the memes?

Lately, it seems like there’s a lot of memes taking over the Internet — but some memes are more dangerous than others. From season-specific memes to memes about your favorite show, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your feelings expressed in the perfect short-and sweet text and graphic combination. But with meme popularity, there also comes the risk of harming yourself and others while trying to recreate these memes. Basically, it’s not always the safest thing for people to recreate the memes they see all over the Internet.

An 18-year-old student, Mary-Kate Dole, learned that the hard way when she tried to recreate the video she saw of another student's dance routine online.


Dole teamed up with a friend to recreate the routine that has been going viral all over the internet, with countless teenagers imitating the moves, as BuzzFeed reports. But when Mary Kate gave it a try, she found herself in for an unexpected — and unpleasant — surprise.

In the process of recreating the video meme, Dole ended up in the hospital with a bruised rib

Mary-Kate went to the hospital, and while she'll be okay, as BuzzFeed reports, she "now has to use a breathing tool when she is awake every six minutes for the next three weeks."


While some people will criticize meme popularity for this, it’s also up to us to take care of ourselves. Internet culture isn’t always the most positive, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum either. It’s up to viewers to use their proper judgment to know whether or not it’s safe to try and recreate something that they saw on social media.

So be careful!