This teenager befriended a family of raccoons and it’s too cute

While they might be known for going through people’s trash, this teenage girl befriended a family of racoons and it’s actually the cutest thing EVER.

We already knew that racoons were some of the greatest animals in the world (trash diving aside). There was, of course, that one time that a racoon went surfing on an alligator, then there’s the racoon dog, the cutest animal hybrid in herstory tbh, and who could forget when these racoons learned to swim.

Well, now this 18-year-old has made some friends with a whole FAMILY of racoons and the story is adorably hilarious.

Kaylah Lynn from Seattle has spent most of her holiday period feeding and befriending a whole family of five racoons.

Speaking to Teen Vogue, Kaylah explained how back in August she met a friendly critter who she named Rosemary. While initially they were BFFs, Rosemary stopped coming to visit and Kaylah was sure that their friendship, while special, had just been brief.

However, in September Rosemary returned and she had FOUR BABY RACOONS with her! false

Kaylah explained that the whole family come to her at 7:30pm everyday and she feeds them slices of bread. She’s even named all the babies, too. There’s Rosie, Sheldon, Junior and Baby

"They all have their own little personalities so I can tell who is who," she said to Buzzfeed. "Also, I can tell who is who by their facial structures."


Kaylah’s story went viral after she informed her friends about her new family. Her friend shared the story on Twitter, and things blew up.

Kaylah told Teen Vogue that she feeds each of the racoons a slice of bread, and that she tries to be equal with them.

"I give each raccoons their own slice so it's equal," she said "I don't want anyone to feel left out."

Despite her fairness, the racoons do fight (just like any other family, tbh). Indeed, Kaylah even shared a video of one of the animals stealing their brother or sister’s slice of bread. false

Indeed, the animals have started coming even earlier to visit their new friend, and have started to over step the boundaries a little bit. false false

Kaylah just really wants to show that racoons are a bit misunderstoond. false

“I feel raccoons get stereotyped a lot ‘cause they get in people’s garbages,” she told Buzzfeed. “But they have hearts and love too, just like humans.”

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