This teenage girl found her doppelgänger in a museum, and now she’s famous

They say we all have a twin out there somewhere, and a teenager found her doppelgänger — in a museum. Sixteen-year-old Yuki of Taiwan was on a school trip at the National Palace Museum in Taipei City when she came across a portrait of an unknown Yuan Dynasty Empress that happens to bear a striking resemblance to her own face.

“Before I had seen it, my friend had a look. She called me over, so I was like, ‘What is it?’ Then I saw that picture, she tells BuzzFeed News. “It looked so much like me that even I was convinced!"


“I found my pre-pre-pre-existence,” Yuki’s caption reads. Her tweet has gone viral, with over 60,000 shares since it was posted on December 3.

Social media users are obsessed with Yuki’s resemblance to the Empress — it’s inspired unique mashups of her face and the print.

In addition to becoming an overnight Internet celeb, Yuki’s story has been featured on local news stations.

Although Yuki found the chance encounter with her “pre-pre-pre existence” entertaining, she never expected her story to be picked up by news outlets all over the world.

“I didn’t think it would go this far," she says.

During our next museum visit, we’re totally going to be on the lookout for our own doppelgängers. I mean, anything’s possible — right?

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