Lilian Min
Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 11:43 am

Hold the phone, gals — after breaking both One Direction fans’ and Zayn Malik’s face appreciators’ hearts by bowing out of the public spotlight, we’ve caught wind of his possible next career move and we’re now counting down the days we see him rocking a tux on the Academy Awards carpet.

Whoa whoa whoa, we should slow down. Earlier this week, Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha shared a photo of her and the ex-1D member catching a showing of the Beckham musical. Innocent enough, right?

Um, let’s take a moment to process all of the implications of the shot:

– Beard grooming on fleek
– Man, Bend It Like Beckham was such a good film
– Zayn has to sneak into musicals, what a badass
– (Seriously though, he likes musicals!)
– Whoa, he’s hanging out with the woman who made Keira Knightley into a star?

But there’s more to it. According to Daily Mirror, Chadha shared that “[Zayn] trained as an actor first then became part of the band. So I think what he’ll be doing is staying true to his heart—and that’s all you can ever do.” Now, you don’t drop that kind of news lightly — Zayn was going to be an actor before One Direction, and now that he’s out of it, he’s meeting with an acclaimed director whose multicultural focus would match up perfectly with the Asian-and-proud-of-it Zayn. Do we dare hope for some sort of film announcement between the two?

The answer: At least for now, no, with Chadha saying, “I don’t have a part in mind for Zayn just yet but hopefully in the future.” “But hopefully in the future” — we’re sure Chadha knows this, but any film with Zayn in the lead would basically be guaranteed a record-breaking box office. Now that everybody knows that 1D’s best founding member (come at me, Harry fans) is also a thespian in the making, we’ll be keeping out ears to the ground for any news of his future film career. Hey, when does the James Bond role open up again?

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