Emma Lord
Updated Mar 31, 2015 @ 12:46 pm
Zaynmalik copy

GUYS I feel like I can’t fall asleep anymore, because if I so much as blink I’m going to miss the next epic plot twist in the saga that is Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. Every time I think I know all the deets I get blindsided by more Twitter drama, like today when Zayn’s first solo song got released on Soundcloud by British producer Naughty Boy. So, basically we’re all getting our Zayn fix way faster than we thought was possible (although not soon enough, if you have also been experiencing the tidal wave of feels that the rest of the Twitter-verse has).

It hasn’t been a secret that even long before the split that Zayn was working on a Naughty Boy track, but it wasn’t supposed to be released for a few months. After some not-so-cordial tweets went back and forth between Naughty Boy and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, the producer decided to share Zayn’s song “I Won’t Mind” early. It’s since been pulled from Soundcloud, but you can still listen to it before it gets pulled off of the many enterprising YouTubers who snapped a sound grab — and believe me, it does not disappoint.

Imagine if One Direction went folk, and that’s basically the vibe of this song. It’s very quiet and thoughtful and features some impressive vocals from Zayn. The song is about an unrequited love, with the phrase “I won’t mind, I know, I know, you’ll never be mine” repeated as its wistful chorus. I don’t exactly know what I was expecting because I’m not all that familiar with Naughty Boy, but what we got is a raw and lovely sound that will surely tide us all over during the angst that is Zayn leaving 1D. How appropriate that we now have a sad song to bask in our broken 1D feels!

No word yet on whether Zayn will actually be pursuing a solo career, but coming right out of the gates with a song as impressive as this, I say he’s definitely got a good shot at it. You can still listen to the track here before it gets taken down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFM0RSalJm8

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