Bridey Heing
April 17, 2015 9:04 am

Some of YouTube’s most loved stars and channels are all about cooking, and it’s no surprise that the geniuses behind these channels can pull in a hefty chunk of change. But what might surprise you is who tops a recently compiled list of the most popular food and cooking channels on the site. The top spot goes to CharlisCraftyKitchen, a channel run by two Australian sisters.

Charli and Ashlee were just 6 and 3 when they made their first video back in 2012. Now 8 and 5, Charli and Ashlee walk viewers through simple crafty baking projects, such as Minnie Mouse Pops and Push Pop Planes, with a new video every week. Decked out in awesome chefs hats and aprons, Charli is the lead chef while Ashlee prefers the taste-testing. Same, Ashlee. Same.

According to the girls’ website, Charli is an outgoing girl who likes crafting and baking, which makes total sense given the nature of their channel. I mean, the girl makes a wicked awesome Frozen Princess Party Hat full of jelly beans. Ashlee, meanwhile, is the comic relief who loves animals and wants to be a doctor. The channel started as a way to keep them entertained, and no one could have guessed how it would take off!

Since launching their channel, they’ve racked up thousands of subscribers and about 29 million views per month, and their videos are all over Pinterest. Their fame is definitely paying off, as the girls pull in around $127,777 a month in ad revenue according to AdAge. The AdAge article took a lot of people by surprise, mainly because CharlisCraftyKitchen overtook widely known celebs like Jamie Oliver by a huge margin. Pretty awesome for two girls who were looking for something fun to do and wound up YouTube celebrities!

Here’s a video of the girls making Frozen princess party hats, because it’s amazing.

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