Kayleigh Roberts
February 26, 2015 12:51 pm

We love Amy Poehler. File that one under “most obvious statements ever,” but it’s true. She was fab on SNL. She was the best thing ever as the overeager Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation (RIP). And she was killing it back in the day (1995!) in this pilot that was just unearthed by the benevolent Internet gods.

Enjoy. We’ll talk more about it after you’ve watched. Take your time.

Was that not the most wonderfully weird thing you’ve ever seen? Amy was just 24 years old when it was filmed. The show, RVTV, was found by comedy blog Splitsider, who also tracked down Matt Dwyer, who costarred with Amy in the pilot, to talk about it. Here’s what he had to say:

Also, Del improvised constantly and was throwing in tributes to old greats like his Ken Nordine. I think Amy and I may have improvised less, but as with any group of improvisors working together, improvisation is going to happen. Del was constantly throwing in references to Lenny Bruce and the others of that era. The target audience for that show probably would have no idea who he was talking about, but I personally loved it. It was a a great deal of fun and I remember both Amy and I were thrilled to be working with Del. Del was an icon to all of us.”

Basically, Amy Poehler has been killing it since before any of us knew who Amy Poehler was. So much love for this because Amy is an icon to us.

(Image via here.)