Credit: Julia Abate

It’s been such a long time since my last Style File, but I’m so excited to share this article with you. I got inspiration to write this a couple weeks ago when the school week started with snow on the ground, but the temperature had fluctuated between the 30s and 60s, and by Friday it was 80 degrees! Then, the next Monday it was back to the 40s. What?!?! Due to the unpredictable weather, I was struggling to put together outfits. Spring clothes I had just bought would leave me freezing by my lunch break, but I would be sweaty and gross wearing my winter stuff.

In between seasons, we never know what will come at us, so I put together 4 different transitional outfits combining spring trends (like denim dresses, lace-up, and trench coats) with old winter clothes including my very favorite warm sweaters. These are all stylish outfits that are perfect for many occasions, including when the weather goes crazy on us! Plus, reusing clothes is good for the environment and your savings account. So yay for functional AND chic looks for this weird winter/spring time we’re in.

Look #1


My first outfit is a casual, but polished transitional look. Using a comfortable winter sweater, I added a laid-back vibe to the trendy “denim with heels” look that is very popular this spring. Not only does the sweater make the outfit super cute, but it actually is ideal for transitioning seasons. When the weather just decides to drop 10 degrees, you’ll be glad you have this on because it will keep you warm. Plus, if it gets super hot, your sweater will look just as cute tied around your waist. This is an ideal school outfit for me because it is like, unbelievably, comfy (I mean cozy top + flowy dress, come on) but the nude lace-up shoes make it look really put together at same time!

Look #2

Credit: Julia Abate

The second outfit is another way to use your sweater while transitioning seasons! I paired the same warm sweater with a midi skirt and my Chelsea boots which I wore basically everyday this past fall/winter. I love that this look will keeps you warm and covered during a colder day in between seasons (with the sweater and midi skirt) but also allows you to show some skin. This is a versatile outfit that could be worn out for pizza with friends, or at an event, or even to a fancy party, if you happen to find yourself at one of those.

Look #3


This look is probably my favorite. I layered a trench coat over one of my favorite sweater dresses to achieve a chic, minimalist look for a warmer day between the winter and spring months. I used neutral pieces with different textures to create this chic and simple outfit. The Oxfords are what made the outfit in my opinion. Since the rest of the look is pretty simple, they add just the right amount of fun to the look! This outfit is ideal for school, work, or basically any other life event where you would want to look cute and professional at the same time!

Look #4


The fourth and final look is probably the most casual look, but it still has a lot of detail. I took two more sophisticated pieces and paired them with two edgier items to achieve a relaxed vibe. This is great for transitioning seasons because it utilizes lots of layers. Layers are perfect for days when you really don’t know what’s going to happen weather-wise. I’m really in love with the way that the slip inspired dress (a big trend this season) looks over my favorite pair of winter jeans. It’s just so fun! If you’re going for a more put together look, I think the trench adds a really classy element. The one thing I would swap out would be the shoes. They were really uncomfortable!