Becca Castillo
April 18, 2015 5:02 am

There’s no way around it: Teachers are some of the biggest role models in a teenager’s life. We spend hours upon hours with them. If you’re lucky, you forge an amazing bond with them. Of course, there is always that one teacher that you’ll never forget, no matter what. The one who changed your life with a simple sentence, helped you fall in love with science, or offered a sympathetic ear when you were going through a rough time. And of course, the best teachers are the ones who love what they do. But, as great as some of my teachers have been, there is one fictional teacher that just blows all real teachers out of the water: Jessica Day.

New Girl‘s Jessica Day is the dream teacher. She’s hilarious and awesome at home, but seeing her in her fictional classroom just gives me envy chills; I want to be one of those students! So, even though it may seem a little silly, here is my ode to Jess Day and why I wish I could call her my teacher.

She stays true to herself.

Jess sticks to her guns, and that’s one of the most admirable things about her. She knows how to fight for the things she believes in. When there was a bully in her class, Jess set her straight and stuck up for her student. She never let any bratty tweenagers scare her away or make her change.

She’s 100% unique.

Not having to be normal is one of the best perks in life. Don’t go with the crowd, be your own person. Be weird, be zany, be unique. Be whatever you want to be, even if it means being a little bit weird.

She’s a great role model.

Jessica Day is the perfect mix of feminist, quirky, and outspoken. She genuinely cares about the planet and has a heart filled with love for her friends and neighbors. She proves that girls can like cupcakes and polka dots and still be empowered, fierce, and independent.

She’d totally let you eat in class.

There’s a special place in my heart for teachers who let me eat in class. Jess would be one of them, without a doubt.

She’s SO relatable.

Jess accepts and embraces her true self. What’s the point of hiding your crazy when your crazy is what makes you YOU? It humanizes Jess and makes her more relatable.

She would be the best choir teacher that ever was.

Can you imagine Jessica Day being in charge of the high school choir? Every kid would have their own theme song and “The Time of My Life” would be ritual at every concert, although it would be incomplete without Schmidt, Nick, and Coach’s adorable improvisation (“BEARS!”). Jess and her trusty guitar would take the school by storm. Hannah Montana’s bone dance would be nothing compared to whatever Ms. Day has up her sleeve.

She’s a Swifty.

The easiest way to befriend me is to tell me you like Taylor Swift. Not only does Taylor make awesome music, but she’s also smart, inspirational, and awesome to her fans. Whenever my friends ask me questions about boys, I usually just spout some of her lyrics (and it totally works). So, the fact that Jessica Day wants to listen to Taylor Swift alone (which is something I do on a regular basis), just makes me want her as my teacher even more. I feel like the last five minutes of class would end with her blasting “Shake It Off.”

She’s a feminist inspiration.

For all you teenage boys out there dreaming of the tall-but-short, athletic-but-geeky, and slim-but-curvy girl: She doesn’t exist! Sorry, buddy. No one puts it better than Jessica Day. I know I would love to see Ms. Day lecture a sexist teenage boy about their unrealistic expectations and double standards.

While Jessica Day would be one of the coolest teachers ever, I am really grateful for the teachers I have now. Nothing is better than being taught by someone who relates to you and is a great mentor. The passion that they have for spreading knowledge is one of the best gifts that they can give. Teachers are so important and influential, and yet sometimes we don’t even realize it. So, even if your teacher isn’t Jess, tell them you appreciate them anyway. They’re working hard for you!

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