Lilian Min
Updated Mar 20, 2015 @ 7:50 am

Turn a phrase in 140 characters? It seems easy enough, but anyone on Twitter can tell you that actually putting together the perfect tweet can be a nerve-wracking experience. But, when you write or see the best tweet ever, it only makes sense to memorialize it outside of Twitter, right?

Swedish designer Amelia Shroyer and creative agency House of Radon agree, and they’ve teamed up to bring the world Onehundredforty. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, Onehundredforty is a website that will turn your favorite tweets into totally customized art — one-of-a-kind prints that will definitely rack up the social media “likes.”

The Onehundredforty team is featuring 50 original design backgrounds at launch, and when combined with text options, they’ll have over 5000 unique bases from the get go. They’re also promising to never use a design/text combination more than once, meaning that every piece of tweet art will be totally unique.

Not happy with your initial design? You’ll be able to refresh Onehundredforty for more design combos. Don’t know what tweet to use? While you can pull from your favorites or from specific users, you can also rely on Onehundredforty’s internal “magic” to give you a selection.

Need to fill up an empty space on your bedroom wall? Looking for the perfect gift for a design-savvy friend? You’ve got questions; Onehundredforty’s got answers. And let’s be real: Nothing will make you feel better about social media than getting a compliment about your gorgeous art and telling someone, “Thanks — someone tweeted it.”

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