Emma Lord
March 09, 2015 9:39 am

I had a feeling when I saw it go by on my dash that it was a little too good to be true, and it turns out I was right: The hilarious Harvard rejection letter that went viral this week isn’t real. Instead, it is a testament to the wit and complete and total commitment of its author, high schooler Megan McGaan, who crafted it for the Francis W. Parker School humor publication “Citizen Poke.” She innocuously posted it last Tuesday to their Facebook page and then watched in astonishment as it burst like a supernova all over the internet.

Look, we are chest-deep in admissions season right now, and I know from experience that it is #stress. McGaan is going through it herself, which is what inspired her to take on the project in the first place. She said to the Huffington Post, “I’ve had a lot of friends … really stressed out about college admissions, and I just wanted to make some people smile.” Little did she know she would be amusing college hopefuls all around the world.

Although the Internet fame was far from expected, McGaan seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. She recently posted to Twitter regarding the letter’s viral success:

Alas, we still have no comment on what her #4 side ho Derek or Chief Keef think about the situation, but I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before they come out of the woodwork and give us all the juicy deets.

The ultimate plot twist? Mcgaan actually did apply to Harvard. Officials from the school have even confirmed that they did, in fact, see the letter she wrote on their behalf. She doesn’t hear back from them for another two weeks, but judging by this letter’s quality and the number of times I guffawed in a public place while reading it, I’d say that Harvard sure would be lucky to have her.

(Images from here and here.)