Lilian Min
Updated Mar 31, 2015 @ 12:37 pm

Two of Vine’s funniest stars are teaming up to put their skills to the ultimate test: The world of full-length movies.

Comedians Jason Nash and Brandon Calvillo honed their skills on Vine, bringing the laughs with the app’s signature six-second clips. In the process of amassing millions of followers, the two struck up a friendship that’s the inspiration for FML: A Social Media Adventure. Now, they’re calling on their giant social followings to help them get this film off the ground at Kickstarter.

The premise of the film, which takes its name from the popular acronym, is simple: “Sam (Jason Nash) has a wife and two kids, is barely getting by and is having a mid-life crisis. Henry (Brandon Calvillo) lives at home, works at a video game store, and is angry at the world. They meet through a social media app called ReLoad and, despite having very different lives, decide to take a two-month road trip to collab with social media stars around the country and boost their number of followers ‘in hopes of never having to work a real job again.'” If it sounds verrry similar to Nash and Calvillo’s actual story, that’s because it is — Nash, who’s already dipped his toe in the feature film waters, told Mashable, “[Brandon] quickly became my favorite person to work with on Vine…and I thought that would be a really hilarious movie: Two generations of guys going across country…so a lot of it’s based on real-life experience.”

As for the rest of the cast? Why, of course it’s made up of a who’s who of famous Viners including Jessi Smiles, Jus Reign, Eric Dunn, and a smattering of faces famous outside of social media.

The total social media following of the cast? Over 150 million people — which makes their fanbase the size of one of the top ten biggest nations in the world. Okay, that figure’s probably exaggerated by the fact that there’s a lot of follower overlap, but no matter how you shake it, this film’s got a lot of digital star power behind it. Check out the Kickstarter campaign video below, and keep an eye out for the film in theaters — or even more likely, streaming on your smartphone screen.

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