Kayleigh Roberts
February 13, 2015 6:01 am

Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries marked Steven McQueen’s final appearance as a regular cast member. Now that we’ve said goodbye to Steven’s character, Jeremy Gilbert, we can’t help but recall all the times we’ve already said goodbye to Jeremy Gilbert. The character has died five times already and almost-died more times than we could possibly begin to count.

IRL, Steven is leaving the show on good terms. He told BuzzFeed, “I shot the pilot when I was 19 and I’m 26 now, so I grew up over the last six years with these people. What I’ve learned about life, what I’ve learned about acting on that set is priceless. From hanging out with the crew, to going out with the guys, to getting advice on set, to talking to the producers and writers about life, they’re a group that means a lot to me.”

Jeremy didn’t bite the dust yet again last night and instead left Mystic Falls to live a normal life and attend art school. The sad thing is, as fans of the show, we were almost hoping for Jeremy to die once more, just for old time’s sake. Instead, we’ll settle for ranking Jeremy’s deaths, which have spurred a range of emotions from “ah, that was so sad” to “WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I MIGHT NEVER BE ABLE TO FEEL FEELINGS AGAIN.”

Here we go. We hope you’re wearing a Gilbert Ring though, because warning: Relieving these heart-wrenching moments is going to be killer.

5. That time Jeremy volunteered to die for one of Bonnie’s spells. 

Bonnie has saved the day in the Vampire Diaries universe more times than Jeremy has died in it, so it was only a matter of time before these two fave pastimes crossed paths. In season three, Jeremy volunteered to help Bonnie with her Desiccation Spell on Klaus. Bonnie needed to stop a heart to perform the spell and Jeremy offered his up willingly. She successfully brought him back, so this death wasn’t really that impactful, especially on the Jeremy Gilbert scale.

4. That time Sheriff Forbes shot him and since his death wasn’t supernatural, it seemed like it would be forever. 

It’s important to acknowledge that Jeremy has a Gilbert Ring, meaning that any supernatural death he dies while wearing it (as a human — more on that stipulation later) won’t really count. So at the end of season 2 when Sheriff Forbes shoots and kills Jeremy, it sent fans into a panic. Bullets aren’t supernatural and neither is Sheriff Forbes, so the Gilbert Ring was going to do him zero good. Leave it to Bonnie to upset the greatest forces in nature just to save her friends though. She appeals to her ancestors to bring Jeremy back and they agree, but not in the friendliest way.

3. That time Elena stabbed him in the throat. 

Not long after Elena becomes a vampire, she starts having terrible, scary, no good hallucinations. Jeremy gets cause in a wrong place, wrong time situation and Elena hallucinates that he’s a hunter who’s after her. She responds by stabbing Jeremy in the throat, killing him but not meaning to kill HIM. Luckily, since she’s a vampire, that makes the death supernatural and Jeremy’s ring saves the day. 

2. That time Damon broke his neck. 

In the second season, Jeremy dies his first death, courtesy of Damon breaking his neck in a fit of rage. Yes, Damon is a vampire and yes this was a supernatural death and yes Jeremy recovered from it. The thing that earns this one the number two spot on the Jeremy Gilbert death countdown is the fact that we didn’t know his ring brought him back from supernatural deaths…and neither did Damon. It was a jarring moment and, at the time, it seemed real and permanent.

1. The time Silas killed Jeremy, he was dead for a long time and Elena turned off her emotions. 

Jeremy Gilbert is the Energizer Bunny of The Vampire Diaries. No matter what happens, he just keeps going (and going, and going). When he died at the end of season four, though, it really felt permanent. Silas drained Jeremy’s blood and broke his neck (just for good measure) and because he was a Hunter at this point, the Gilbert Ring couldn’t save him, even from a supernatural death (it only works its mojo for humans). Elena took the news hard, holding onto Jeremy’s dead body until it started to smell, in denial that he was gone for good and willing herself to believe the ring would bring him back. When she finally did accept that he was gone for good, she burned down her house, turned off her humanity and generally went off the deep end. Jeremy was really gone until Bonnie decided to sacrifice her own life to bring him back.

And now he’s left us again, but this time with a pulse and the possibility of a return (or at least a visit) in the future. Farewell, Jeremy and good luck to the rest of the cast, who will now have to step up to the plate and die for the drama in Jeremy’s place.

(Images via The CW.)