Lilian Min
Updated Feb 14, 2015 @ 9:12 am

Valentine’s Day, or for some folks, a regular Saturday, has arrived, and whether or not you have special plans with a special someone or are adamantly avoiding any plans, let’s be real: You have been thinking about the holiday in some form or another. It might’ve been a passing glance at all the cards and roses bundled at your local pharmacy, a reservation made months in advance, or a blacked-out square on your calendar, but you’re doing your thing, and soon, the aggressive pink and red online and IRL will transition to St. Paddy’s green.

We all know that Valentine’s Day isn’t the singular measure of love, but it can set up awkward expectations. For singles, couples, and every relationship status in between, seeing this virtual confetti of hearts rain down once a year makes you feel like you’re compelled to do or feel something about it. So let’s end this weird fascination; this playlist is dedicated to breaking up — with Valentine’s Day itself.

(Image via Adnos.)