Sammy Nickalls
May 14, 2015 1:05 am

Getting your period for the first time can be terrifying, but this new super-cute ad from Hello Flo describes it as being “vagical” (and that’s our new fave adjective, BTW).

But let’s back up. What is Hello Flo? According to the Hello Flo site, the company was born after one woman realized that women should have the ability to have feminine care products delivered to them at the right time of the month — and now, their mission is to “deliver just what a woman needs when she needs it.” “Today we offer one-of-a-kind care packages to help women and girls through transitional times in their life,” explains the company on their site. “As well, we have content that will educate, inspire and entertain you. We can’t change biology but we can make it more fun.”

And they absolutely are making it more fun with their brilliant ads that uses awesome humor to talk about periods for girls. And it’s seriously much-needed. We’re tired of ads that feature women dancing on the beach in white skirts. But that’s not what periods are like. When it comes to getting your period, girls need real talk (mingled with humor, preferably), and that’s exactly what Hello Flo is providing in their videos.

Like the time they likened getting your period to an award of bravery:

Or when they turned a little girl’s experience getting her period before her friends into a super fab rap:

Or when they had a mom throw her daughter a “First Moon party“:

But they don’t only focus on little girls. They’re dedicated to helping women through “all stages of life,” like when they created a Postpartum musical.

We totally love that Hello Flo is banding women together through humor and feminism alike, but we especially love their latest ad, which features a brand new female mythical creature: the Period Fairy, our new “she-ro.”

Here’s the story: The Period Fairy and and The Tooth Fairy are total BFFs, being the only women in the mythical game — after all, they had to stick together. And The Period Fairy recognized that girls needed someone who understood the periods, not a dude who would “mansplain” them away.

(Though a lot of the other mythical creatures aren’t too fond of the Period Fairy. . . like Cupid, her ex-lover. He’s really taking her success hard as of late.)

Unfortunately, The Period Fairy retired, but the ad encourages girls to step up and be their own she-ro, too — because all of us can!

Check out the ad, and then check out the rest of the ads — and be ready to crack up, because this is a whole new brand of brilliance, IMHO: