OYL-Twitter copy

Composing a tweet just got a lot easier. Gone are the days of staring at your phone and trimming off one character at a time so you can get under 140 — at least when you’re posting a re-tweet. (Sorry, Twitter is still limiting you if you get a little wordy on your original tweets.)

Twitter just launched an update that fixes one of the social media platform’s biggest conundrums: To just hit the RT button on a hilarious tweet or to do a quote tweet and add some colorful commentary in a (very, very) limited amount of space? Now, you have the freedom to do both, since the new format puts the original tweet in its own little box and allows you the full 140 characters to share all of your thoughts and feels about it. Here’s a look at the quote and comment feature in action, which has already rolled out on desktop, mobile, and app versions.

Upon further testing, you can use the comment feature with any type of media on Twitter, whether it’s basic text, photos, videos, or links. The only exception is that a GIF doesn’t move if you RT it, but it does have a note at the bottom that says “GIF” so people can click and enjoy in its moving glory. Check out an example of the snazzy new feature below:

Now that you’ve seen it in action, go out there and get re-tweeting. You now have the ability to be the Caesar Flickerman of the Internet (you can give ALL the commentary).

(Images via here and here.)