Emma Tyler
Updated May 20, 2015 @ 1:03 pm

Senior prom is just one of those night’s where you hope everything goes off without a hitch. After all the planning, preparation and stress, you just want your big night to be perfect. Well, Winslow Township High School’s senior prom might not have been total perfection, but it was certainly a prom night the students will never forget.

The students put on their formal attire, took pictures, piled into limos and headed to the Mansion Banquet Hall in Voorhees, New Jersey. Everyone immediately hit the dance floor with their dates and started busting a move. But soon after, this dance party came to a grinding (no pun intended) halt. After only about five minutes of dancing, the banquet hall went totally dark. A complete power outage meant the students had to be sent home. After spending big bucks on the evening (not to mention hours of planning by the prom committee), the dance was cut short and the students were sent packing. They didn’t even get to find out who won Prom King and Queen! Talk about a total prom buzzkill.

But Winslow Township Mayor Barry Wright decided to make things right. He called his friend Tina Briglia in to help save the day. She is the owner of another local banquet venue, Villa Manor. She decided to give Winslow Township students a “do- over” prom. She opened up her venue to the students, allowing them to dance, eat, and have fun — free of charge! Briglia said she and the mayor just wanted to make sure the kids could have their moment and make the memories they missed out on. The “prom redo” will take place on June 5 and the students are beyond excited to have another chance at a perfect prom night. It’s so amazing to see a community supporting its high school students and giving them a night to remember! And it’s pretty awesome that they will dolled up again for round two, because who wouldn’t want an excuse to wear their prom dress twice?

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