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We seriously can’t wait for Disney’s new live action Cinderella film: Yes, we’ve been following the film’s amazing red carpet gowns and watching the trailers over and over again, but come this Friday, we’ll be able to see all of the splendor and magic of the original 1950 animated film, translated into 2015’s eye-popping visuals and A-list acting.

Probably the most enduring icon from the Cinderella story is her glass slipper — left behind in a rush, in a mad scramble against the clock as her fairy godmother’s spells wound down. This shoe, wholly unpractical in real life but charmed into existence, is the glittering arrow that leads to the girl whose bedraggled existence belies the charm within. It demands attention, and it demands awe, and Prince Charming bends to both the moment he sees Cinderella. It’s a shining symbol of just-realized love, and it’s the inspiration behind This Week’s Playlist — songs about love, and about searching for what is improbably, hopefully, finally the real deal.

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