Kathryn Lindsay
Updated April 20, 2015 2:10 pm

You’ve heard of the ice bucket challenge, and the cinnamon challenge, and now it’s time for this new challenge created by East Ridge Middle School. It’s the “1000 Acts of Kindness” challenge, and it’s pretty simple: achieve 1000 acts of kindness by the end of the school year. Elizabeth Misiewicz, an English teacher at East Ridge, explains:

And, when it comes to these students, these small acts of kindness are pretty much everywhere. A group of seventh graders listed some of their recent acts of kindness. Some of them involved going the extra mile at school:


In other cases, students were taking this initiative outside the classroom to make things easier at home:


At this rate, it’s not surprising that they’re already over halfway to their goal, and that’s thanks to the great partnerships they’ve made while pursuing this project. They’re working with a nonprofit called “Ben’s Bells,” started by Jeanette Mare, Dean Packard and their son, Matthew. It promotes kindness through public art installations. The students craft with beads and clay to create bells to hang in public. Inside each bell is a note that encourages the finder to take the bell home as a reminder to be kind. The project’s mission dovetails nicely with the goals of the school. It’s purpose is to highlight the impact of kindness, and inspire individuals to use that feeling to inspire their own good deeds. Volunteers all over the country make thousands of bells each year, taking the kindness in their hearts and spreading it all around.

This nonprofit, and the mission of the challenge in general, is another step in a bigger movement to promote kindness and respect through whatever outlets are available, and to participate in this challenge requires nothing but your own enthusiasm!

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