Sophie Carter-Kahn
Updated Apr 22, 2015 @ 4:05 pm
like a girl

Seeing girls do their thing and do it well is our favorite, so it’s no surprise that we have this video on repeat as our #inspiration today. Evnik Saadvakass, an 8-year-old Kazakh girl, pummels her dad’s fists in this clip of a boxing training session. She’s clearly having so much fun — and she’s so into it that she makes those noises that pro athletes do. Consider us fans!

Send this clip as a huge “in your face” to anyone who thinks that girls aren’t as strong as boys, or who tries to insult someone by saying they work or play “like a little girl.” I WISH I were as strong as this little girl when I was young (or, you know, today).

Evnik is part of a family dedicated to sports and training. They even have a gym and a training system, and it’s clear the whole team gets into it.

Her older sister, Selyavira, is featured in some of the family’s videos too. In this one, her dad has to wear face protection, since she could obviously leave a mark! We love that she’s wearing pink in this vid — it’s just another casual reminder that ladies can be tough and still love traditionally girly things.

Not only does she have amazing technique, focus, and poise, Evnik is absolutely FIERCE. She attacks unapologetically and without any hesitation or self-consciousness. She’s rad, and she knows it!

Check out this video of Kacy Catanzaro for a sneak peek at what might be in Evnik’s future, or if you just want some more awesome lady athletes in your life. I’ll just be over here doing very inspired squats.

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