Kayleigh Roberts
May 27, 2015 1:22 pm

When you’re one of the biggest stars in the world, creative fan art is a given. We could probably fill an absurd number of galleries and museums with Taylor Swift fan art alone. But this latest installation would be the main exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Taylor Swift Art.

Behold: LEGO Taylor Swift.

This gigantic, 8’4″ x 12’7″ mosaic of Taylor’s face is now on display at Legoland Windsor in the UK. And yes, it’s made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Tay was chosen for this honor by Legoland guests, who voted on which celebrity would get the super unique portrait. She won by a crazy large margin, of course, because Swifities don’t mess around. 

Perhaps the coolest thing about this amazing piece of art is how it was made. First of all, it only took two days to put together the 35,840-brick masterpiece, so WHOA, mega bonus points for speed. The secret to the quick work? It was a group effort. Legoland invited visitors to help construct the mosaic using a template created by (no joke — this is their real job title) Master Lego Model Makers.

Okay, this is amazing and Taylor’s signature red lips are recognizable, even in this close up shot of the portrait. Here’s hoping that Legoland keeps the awesome going with more celebrity LEGO portraits. May we suggest starting with the entire cast of the “Bad Blood” video? That should keep park guests busy for at least a few weeks.

(Images via here and here.)