Kayleigh Roberts
May 14, 2015 12:15 pm

In classic Disney movies, the princess is often in search of “The One.” In Disney terminology, “The One” is the soul mate, the one true love. The princesses sing songs about their loves, or about their lack of love and hope to find it. They prance around with adorable animal friends and get help from fairy godmothers.

In the real world, however, there tend to be more important things to focus on than dedicating every waking moment to thoughts of true love. In their latest commercial, Triumph plays with that Disney ideal and applies it to another perfect match girls everywhere are looking for — the perfect bra.

The result is a musical number that legit feels like it was ripped straight from a Disney movie (seriously, did they snag the songwriters from Enchanted or something?). It’s even animated in a distinctly Disney-esque style, just to drive the point home. It’s such a great short, you’ll actually forget it’s a commercial. Check it out.

Commercials like this one, that take something unique to the female experience and celebrate it, are increasingly common and totally awesome. Unlike other bra ads that either feature bras as something utilitarian and boring or as a “sexy” accessory to impress your partner with, the Triumph ad celebrates the experience of finding a bra that fits your life and personality (since, you know, it is part of your daily wardrobe), but it’s not afraid to have fun.

Instead of women in front of a white backdrop talking almost scientifically about fit and sizing, Triumph’s ad is a full-blown musical number, complete with magic and humor. It’s well-rounded, just like the women it targets, and that’s something kind of magical in and of itself.