Christina Wolfgram
June 27, 2015 1:09 pm

Summertime is babysittin’ season: Kids are out of school all day, parents want a vacation from their offspring, and teens are eager to make a dollar or ten. For those who’ve seen their fair share of messy toy rooms, none of the items on this list will come as a surprise. You’ve tucked kids in, forced them to eat broccoli, and lied that their mom and dad will be home any second loads of times. You know that anyone under the age of eight can smell fear and that cookies can mean the difference between a smile and a meltdown. Oh yes, babysitting certainly instills an ancient wisdom within you.

Whether you’ve been playing the ‘sittin’ game for many years or just a few, here are 19 things all babysitters understand.

1. Whenever you start babysitting for a new family, you feel like you have to make a grand entrance.

So the kiddies know who’s boss.

2. At dinnertime, some kids look at their delicious food and do this:

Because you cut their sandwich into triangles instead of squares.

3. But if you let them have some Goldfish as a snack, they are like:

Leaving you to dread the moment that their mom asks what they ate while she was away.

4. So, obviously, you’re always super relieved when parents leave money for pizza.

I mean, duh. Free pizza. Everyone’s happy.

5. Kids have the best imaginations.

How did you create a whole make-believe world when I can’t even make up a new password for my email account?

6. Sometimes, you enjoy games way more than the kiddos do.

Let’s face it, being a kid is infinitely better than being an adult. Might as well soak up the pretty princess magic while you can.

7. Of course you play favorites! You can’t help it. Some youngsters are just the cutest.

But if anyone asks, you deny it. “I love you all equally!” Sort of.

8. And you also have least favorites. Like rude kids who sass you.

Seriously, you can’t help liking some munchkins better than others!

9. When you’re babysitting late at night, you get scared it will turn into a horror movie situation.

Your terrifying visions might just be products of guilt from looking through your boss’ make-up collection.

11. “My mom said so,” usually means “My mom said absolutely not.”

“No, little Timmy, don’t think you are allowed to pretend joust with the butcher knife.” Threatening to send a double-check text to mom almost always reveals a fibber.

12. Babies make no sense.

They can cry, poop, spit up, and giggle evilly all at the same time.

13. Seeing that children own technology you can’t even afford never ceases to shock you.

“Little Susie, how on Earth do you already have the iPhone 9?”

14. Avoid sugar at all costs.

Or you may have to perform a DIY exorcism.

15. And never fall asleep on the job.

More for your sake than the kids’.

16. TBH babysitting can be tough. Some days you might look like this on the outside…

17. … But feel like this on the inside.

18. It’s totally worth it though, because you really bond with the little critters.

Little hugs are the best hugs!

19. And you’re raking in the cash.

Sephora shopping spree, here you come. You earned it.

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