Lilian Min
March 17, 2015 10:10 am

Frozen-mania isn’t going away anytime soon, but one special little girl is getting a custom Disney princess treatment, thanks to a group of student do-gooders.

Six-year-old Ariah was born without much of her right hand. She’s also a huge Frozen fan — and when a group of 8th grade students from Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis, Wisconsin teamed up with e-Nable, a volunteer organization that specializes in 3D printing prosthetic hands, and found out about Ariah’s situation, they decided to create a custom, Frozen-themed hand for her.

The result: a one-of-a-kind patchwork blue hand inspired by a queen, for a queen. The prosthetic took two months of planning and cost only about $20 to make, and the end product is inscribed with snowflakes and the words “Queen Ariah.” The Deer Creek students who worked on the hand watched Ariah operate it for the first time via a video chat, and felt all of the feelings about Ariah’s new hand, which allows her to do previously impossible tasks like open and close a fist.

Student Lauren Johns probably put that feeling best: “Sometimes to get to know a friend, you must find things you both have a passion for. In my case, I got to know people through the process of giving a helping hand — literally.”

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