Sophie Carter-Kahn
May 19, 2015 12:28 pm

The Maze Runner was one of our fave YA movie adaptations of 2014, with a twisty-turny plot, Dylan O’Brien’s face, the tough and smart character Teresa, and the super freaky Grievers all combining to create a compelling and dark film full of questions. Now, the heart-pounding trailer for the next installment in the franchise, The Scorch Trials, is here and making us SO excited to get some answers and some popcorn.

In the first movie, Thomas (O’Brien) and the other “Gladers” are stuck in a mysterious place surrounded by a huge and ever-changing maze. The boys and Teresa fight the Grievers, strange and vicious part-machines part-bioengineered monsters, and try to get a handle on why they were put in the Glade and how they can escape. The most confusing part is the end, with the mysterious organization WCKD (sounds like a public radio station, acts like an evil science corp) in control of our protagonists’ fate.

The next film in the saga, The Scorch Trials, promises more action and more answers (and, likely, more questions, too). It’s not out in theaters until September 18th, but the trailer is here now!

Although our brave teens have beaten the maze, they’re not out of the woods yet. The trailer reveals a barrage of disturbing information: There were other Mazes and other teen survivors; the facility they’re in also houses weird alien-looking things in tubes; and most worryingly, that this is merely “phase two” of whatever tests they’re being used for.

We see Thomas and the other Gladers facing off against their opaque and vaguely threatening captors (perhaps WCKD employees), who all warn the rebellious youths about the desolate world outside. Of course, that just guarantees that they’re going to escape the facility they’re being held and make their way through the barren, hot desert outside — the titular Scorch, where they’ll team up with resistance fighters and face crazy new obstacles. An ominous voice-over says that Thomas and the others could be “the key to everything.”

Thomas’s patchy memory still hasn’t returned, leaving him unable to trust anyone or anything. One thing we can trust, though, is that this movie will have tons of action, fighting, and maybe even some romance. Woohoo!!

Check out the trailer below.

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