Lilian Min
February 18, 2015 11:24 am

Who doesn’t love trying to memorize pages and pages of tiny text and images? The answer is no one: textbooks, while vessels of great knowledge and insight, can become nifty substitutes for pillows very quickly. But an enterprising Snapchatter has found a way to make their literature class hilarious, one sassy caption at a time.

Complaining about parents, dissing your fashion choices, and checking in on their #swag status — these historical and art figures are reborn as regular teens airing out their issues over Snapchat. The put-a-caption-over-a-painting trend has taken many forms (rap lyrics are a popular option), so it was only time that someone turned their phone to their textbook. While this maybe isn’t the teacher-sanctioned method of studying, these teens are learning a valuable lesson for the modern world: how to turn their inside joke into viral Internet goodness.

This officially just made studying 1000% more fun.

(Images via here and here.)