Kayleigh Roberts
February 25, 2015 10:30 am

Do you have one of those moms who just loves you so much she needs constant reminders that you’re still breathing and safe? Some might call them “overprotective.” Others might call them “loving and glorious.” Whatever you call yours, the point remains the same: You need to text your mom every time you arrive in a new location or things will get bad, fast. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know, I love my mom and I appreciate that she cares so much about my well-being, but texting every time I get home is just so much,” then the creators of the ImHome button have something for you.

The button (literally a giant red, stand alone button) will send a pre-programmed text to the contact of your choice when pressed. That means that when you get home late and lack the ability to craft coherent texts, you can just slap this button as you fall into bed, and your mom will be notified that you are alive and well.

Of course, you could program the button to send any kind of message to anyone you know, but we like the mom angle. It’s nice. It’s sweet. But maybe, when you’re less tired from your weekend of fun, send your mom a real, hand-written text — or better yet, call her — and remind her that you love her. It beats the robot, button text every time, we promise. (Image via Shutterstock.)