Kathryn Lindsay
April 16, 2015 8:25 am

Who’s your favorite celebrity? If you’re a part of Generation Z, then chances are you said somebody like Tyler Oakley or Zoe Sugg, AKA somebody on the Internet rather than somebody in movies or TV. That’s because, in this day in age, we’re just not watching TV as much as we’re living our lives online. And who can blame us? The Internet is fast, crazy and fun, and with YouTube channels like AwesomenessTV, our favorite shows are just clicks away.

Brian Robbins, the chief executive of AwesomenessTV, puts it more succinctly:

Whoa, those are some harsh words. But is he wrong? Both Nickelodeon and MTV are losing their audiences to channels like AwesomenessTV, which has over 2.3 million subscribers and counting. They produce 25 shows a week and manage over 90,000 vloggers. It’s safe to say that they own the Internet, and, as Robbins explains, that’s a good place to be:

In addition to their online content, the company also produces shows for places like Netflix, and is currently producing six feature films. Expelled, one of these feature films, topped the iTunes charts in December 2014. It was shot in 22 days and fully completed within four months. This high success rate paired with the quick turnover means they’ve found the golden formula for creating content that is running laps around traditional entertainment media.

With that in mind, it’s crazy to think that even computers are becoming passe. Seventy percent of the company’s audience watches their videos on mobile devices, which is what inspired AwesomenessTV’s upcoming partnership with Verizon. They plan to create 200 hours of original content, packaged in a way that is easiest for people like us to consume: on our phones, on the go.

Platforms like YouTube are convenient, accessible and international. Anyone can view the content anywhere, which is why we’re always on our phones or typing away on our laptops. That’s just how things are now, and creative companies are taking notice. Whether we’re walking to class or falling asleep, all our TV wants and needs are literally at our fingertips — we just have to press play!

(Image via Shutterstock.)