Lilian Min
May 26, 2015 11:20 am

Ugh, PARENTS, am I right? No matter what age you are or how much you actually like your parents, just bringing them up is sure to inspire an immediate eye roll. The generation gap is both inevitable and, as BuzzFeed showed, universal.

A BuzzFeed India reporter went to a ||Superwoman|| concert to talk to teens about their parent problems. The venue was appropriate — ||Superwoman|| is actually 26-year-old motivational entertainer-of-all-trades Lilly Singh, and her audience was composed of young folks who reflected Singh’s comedic bent; think of the teenage audience that makes up video blogger fandom and populates events like VidCon. So, what did these media-savvy Indian teens have to say about their parents? Well, sounds like a lot of the complaints that teens in the US have.

(Hey, your turquoise streak is rad, and nothing nearly as extreme as split-dyed hair.)

The media often writes about culture as these infinitesimal splinters, but lost among the classifications both internalized and externally formed are those things which really do transcend time and space. The things that teens grapple with — relationships, self-presentation, technology — are, no surprise here, not limited to a specific country or even continent, but it’s still refreshing to see these simple truths relayed so, well, simply.

And lest you think that Indian parents got the short end of the stick here…

…across all cultures and country boundaries, we’ll call out our swag parents when we see ’em.

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